"State Of Emergency" (Ohio Animals Are Under siege)

Did it piss ya off when the Dentist Killed Cecil the Lion in Africa? Sure it did. Well we are having the same two problems right here in America.

The State of Ohio is RIPPING peoples exotic pets away from their homes with swat teams aiming guns at mothers and children after waking them up out of bed just to take their animals.

Kenny Hetrick Of Tiger Ridge In Ohio - Taking all of his animals and putting them in this prison only to suffer and die, Proving nothing at all other then that they can.

Below is the picture of one lion named LEO a week before they Ripped him from the only home he knew.

Within 3 months in prison in what the State Of Ohio calls a holding facility he developed these bed sores from being forced to live on concrete and not getting the proper diet and love he had for all his life.

3 months after he was ripped from his loving home they KILLED HIM.

OHIO Animal Facility

First week of October of 2015 they raided not only one but two more private homes with swat teams pointing guns at innocent people making them criminals in America for only loving their animals. First was Mike Stapleton of Ohio and Second Daniel Chambers also of Ohio. Collecting more than 3 dozen more Tigers, Lions, Bears and other animals.

The catch behind all of this is there are a couple organizations that have raised over 286.3 Million dollars to buy their ways of getting laws passed to infringe on American Rights to take your private property away, Discriminate against you and create an illegal monopoly by making you join these private clubs owned by the very same people to keep making millions on taking your rights away.

We are asking you to help stop this TODAY and donate to the legal fun to file a joint suit against the state of Ohio and then next we will be filing suit against the private organizations pushing laws to make you a victim along with a suit for the animals that are killed and forced to live in unwanted conditions. (PeTA) filed a suit on behalf of a primate for being made to take a selfie with a human, we can file a suit on behalf of the animals for being force to live in unloving conditions.

Donate Now And Stop The Slaughter of Innocent Exotic Animals,
by far any other animals.

This all started with a Murder in Ohio that was covered up by calling it a suicide of Terry Thompson of Zanesville Ohio killing 48 animals picture of dead animals.

SWAT Teams ariving at private homes.


Donate Now And Stop The Slaughter of Innocent Exotic Animals,
by far any other animals.

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