This Program's Goal is to Insure That No Animal in America Goes Hungry

Thanks to this program animals accross America are now being fed for free.

Special thanks goes out to Joe Schreibvogel and the USZA for teaming up with LDI to provide free meat and produce to zoos, sanctuaries and private breeders Nation wide.

Here is some basic information about the program:

  • All program participants are not required to be a member USZA and but would encourage it as we are working hard to get this program off and running. The USZA has your best interest in hand and offer many other programs to help save your cost of feeding and supplies.
  • Participants must take all the meat and produce that is offered to them on a regular basis. You do not have the option to turn down any delivery or part of a delivery.
  • Any unused meat or produce must be legally disposed of by the program participants.
  • It will be up to the program participants to make arrangements for pick up of their meat and produce at their designated drop off point. Pickups must be made on a regular basis or you will be dropped from the program.
  • This meat and produce can not be resold for any purpose.
  • The USZA, its Board of Directors and any affiliates are not responsible for any incidents of any kind which may result from your participation in this program.

To find out more about this program contact the USZA by submitting the form below

Feed The Animals Across America

By digitally signing this form you acknowledge you have read the basic information about this
program and you are applying for participation in a nationwide meat and produce program
Sustainable Selections.

After your application is processed, you will be contacted with further information about this
program at which time you will be asked to fulfill the requirements for participation in this
program before your acceptance is granted.
You can also print out this form by clicking the link below and mail it to the USZA office

Feed the Animals Across America

5809 Brown City Road
Brown City MI 48416

The USZA is committed to help others in the animal industry

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