Become Accredited by The USZA

As the laws change and get stricter, there is a growing need to be accredited by an organization that helps you not only become professional but helps you stay professional.

The USZA takes the accreditation process very seriously.With this program we will strive to bring the very best into the animal industry, from the private owners to the commercial zoos, so we can be proud of the professionalism we have achieved with our knowlege of the animals in our care.

Accreditation Options and Pricing

Private Owner $100 App Fee
$50 Special
Breeder $300 App Fee
$150 Special
Commercial (open to the public or closed)
This includes zoos, sanctuaries, brokers and exhibitors
$300 App Fee
$150 Special
Accreditation Signs (first set is free)
Signs are 12" x 24" but can be ordered larger, pricing varies
$100 Per Set

USZA Accreditation Application

All facilities are required to pay USZA inspector's travel expenses to do a hands on facility inspection.
What Type of Accreditation Are You Interested in Receiving?
By applying and digitally signing for this accreditation of my facility, I give USZA representatives permission to do a 2-3 day physical inspection of my facility. I agree to pay the application fee plus all costs for the transportation and housing for 1 inspector to do the 2-3 day initial inspection of my facility. If my facility is granted accreditation, I give USZA representatives permission to do unannounced inspections of my facility anytime during the three year accreditation period with the costs of these inspections being the responsibility of the accrediting organizations.
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